Our Trees

1. Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana)

The Southern Live Oak is a hearty, upright, sprawling, majestic, evergreen and has abundant shade features. Southern Live Oaks are a long-growing, exceptionally strong tree and characteristic of the southern US landscape. Southern Live Oak is a large tree that reaches heights up to 85 feet. It has a wide spreading crown and a broad sturdy trunk. Live oaks are adaptable to many sites and thrive in most soil types. Our Southern Live Oaks are available in heights to 45 feet and calipers to 16 inches.

Southern Live Oak requires very little care, even as a juvenile. After it is 4 to 5 feet tall, watering can be forgotten. Southern live oak is long-lived. Trees in excess of 500 years were once common, and one, the Angel Oak on Johns Island, South Carolina is estimated at 600 years of age; it is over 65 feet tall, more than 8 feet in diameter, a maximum spread (longest branch) of 88.6 feet. Its crown covers an area of 17,006 square feet.

2. Highrise® Live oak (QVTIA pp 11219 Highrise)

The Highrise is the first clonally produced Live Oak to be distributed to cultivars for sale.

“Highrise Live Oak embodies the noble characteristics and cultural adaptability of the traditional Live Oak in a more restrained, elegant form that is suitable for planting in restricted growing areas.” – Dr. Michael Dirr

The Highrise Live Oak is perfect for privacy between homes, narrow spaces, entryways, lining driveways, and sidewalk-to-street applications.

The Highrise is a cultivar Live Oak reproduced specifically for applications where space is limited. Our Highrise Live Oaks are available in heights to 30 feet and calipers to 9 inches.

Highrise can grow 1 to 1.25 inches per year and reach heights of 60 feet with a 35-foot spread, while maintaining an upright-branching, elegant form.

­3. Cathedral Live Oak (SDLN pp 12015 Cathedral)*

Cathedral Live Oak® boasts dense, dark green leaves and evenly spaced branches on a strong central leader, making for easy grower maintenance. This oak forms in a pyramidal shape when young, and becomes more full and round with age. As it matures, small interior branches create a dense canopy. Cathedral Oak holds its dense green foliage when most Live Oaks become semi-deciduous. It is an excellent tree for streets and other applications where uniformity and space are concerns.

*We are currently nurturing our Cathedral Live Oaks to a saleable size. Please check back if this is your varietal of choice.