About Courtlandt Farm

Established in 1995 by Donald Adam, Courtlandt Farm sits on 370 acres in beautiful Ocala, Florida. Mr. Adam has always had a love for beautiful, high quality trees and with his ongoing construction projects found very few growers with the quality needed to meet his requirements.

Since being acquired by Mr. Adam, Gordon McClure has continued to manage the operations and cultivation on the farm. Mr. Adam has found that he not only acquired a wonderful piece of land, but arguably the most talented horticulturalist he has ever met. With this talent, Mr. McClure has turned Courtlandt Farm into one of the preeminent tree farms in the country.

Focused on consummate quality, Courtlandt Farm believes that there will always be a niche in the landscaping industry for quality Live Oak trees. Thus, we focus strictly on three varieties of Live Oak. We believe that we best satisfy the needs of our demanding customers by growing one type of tree and doing that to the best of our ability.

Growing “Green” Trees:

Courtlandt Farm utilizes multiple eco-friendly and sustainable farming methods in the cultivation of our trees. We believe that it is our responsibility to grow the best product possible with as little environmental impact as possible. As such, we practice the following:

  • Exclusive use of low volume irrigation emitters to conserve water resources
  • Trees are fertilized once a year with precise amounts necessary for health maintenance, reducing runoff and external environmental impact
  • Square wooden containers prevent circling roots, and provide a biodegradable and sustainable alternative to black plastic containers

Our trees are grown in-ground on our Ocala farm until they reach the ideal size for transfer into a container. Once transferred, the trees are nurtured at our location for at least one year ensuring a strong, healthy root ball.